11 April 2011

What now?

My appointment this morning did not go as hoped, in fact, it went way worse than I had hoped.  The RE has given us the option to cancel this cycle.  His phrasing was that if this was the only time we were going to do/attempt this, then he would probably cancel. but if we were going to/willing to try again, then he's probably go ahead.  To me it sounds like he doesn't have a lot of faith that it'll work this time. We're looking at only retrieving 3, which seems like a dismal number to me. 

So now We have to figure out what we want to do.  Do we:
  • Keep going - hope that it works, and accept that if it does, we're pretty unlikely to be able to have any more children.  Also accept that it's probably not going to work, and that we're going to haev to do this again all too soon.
  • Cancel, and accept that this time wasn't meant to be.
  • See if we can convert to IUI - we've never done one, and I don't know what the implications would be if it worked - especially having pre-paid for the IVF.
I'm tired, and I have a headache, and my heart hurts, and I don't know what to do or which decision is the right one.

Why me? Why Us?  This is not fair, and I don't like our choices.  I want a do-over.


  1. I don't understand - why is your RE already throwing in the towel? This was one try, one protocol. I demand a re-evaluation, maybe with a different RE.

    Jenni, I'm so sorry things are going so terribly for you right now...truly. This isn't fair, and I really think there must be another option.

  2. @Kerrik
    Not really throwing in the towel, telling me I can throw it in on this cycle, and try again in a different cycle (prol'y with a different protocol) if I want. And - he's the only RE within 300 miles.

  3. What a rough start to the week you've had! Bless your heart.

    My RE warned us beforehand that if we had only a few eggs we'd convert to an IUI, that way all wouldn't be lost. There is so much to consider though. Are you paying out of pocket? You mentioned pre-praying for IVF. Will they honor that if you convert to IUI? Or if you cancel now will most of it still go towards another cycle? You were planning on doing ICSI because of Jakobe's low sperm count. So there is less of a chance of the IUI working, but with the biggest cost of IUI (the drugs) already being out of the way then it might be a way to salvage this cycle.

    Why did you say, "...hope that it works, and accept that if it does, we're pretty unlikely to be able to have any more children" is it because of the costs?

    I'm so sorry you didn't get good news this morning.

  4. I'm so sad to hear that :(
    I would go with the IUI just not to waste the 3 follies and see what happens. That way you save that IVF for next time with a different protocol.
    I don't know is a really difficult decision.

  5. Damn Jenni, I'm sorry! Ivf is such a crap shoot! If I was in your shoes I would look into converting into an iui if it doesn't render your ivf chance over. You should have an opportunity to stim with a different protocol & hopefully end with more follies & eggs.
    Wishing you the best.

  6. Oh sweetie,I'm so sorry it's not going as planned. Converting to an IUI may be a possibility, see what the clinic says. Sending you hugs and strength. Fran

  7. Oh Jenni, I'm so sorry to hear this. I've been there and really sucks.

    After going through two failed cycles, one that went to EPU and resulted in no eggs, and one that was cancelled prior to EPU, I would choose to cancel prior to EPU without a doubt. You don't want to go through EPU if conditions are not optimal, it is just too much to go through for no end result. I found that I bounced back much better emotionally and physically after my cancelled cycle.

    Unfortunately IVF is a trial and error process and it can take a couple of tries to get the right doseage right for you. As you are probably aware, I have since had a successful EPU, resulting in 14 eggs (still working on the BFP part, but we have eggs nonetheless).

    Thinking of you. Kim

  8. I've been thinking about you all day! Hope you are doing better. Hugs!

  9. Hey Hun, This is really disappointing news. You must be dealign with so many emotions right now, so please remember to keep taking good care of yourself.

    I trust that you and Jacokbe will be able to make the best decisions given the information that you get on Wednesday, and proceed as if this is just one more knarly bump on the journey.

    I'll be thinking of you.


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