19 April 2011

My Petty Rebellion

Screenshot from www.starbucks.com
I had Starbucks Hot chocolate this morning.  And - When I looked it up then, it said that it had 25 mg of caffeine.  But, I drank it anyway.

Other than that, today was just a day - if you count the morning routine of getting up right before Jakobe leaves for work so that he can give my my PIO shot, and then waiting for 20 minutes in bed dozing, and then putting heat on it for another 20 minutes, and then finally getting up to face my day.

I have a secret for you - tonight I'm terrified.  I have hope tonight.  and I'm afraid that tomorrow morning will take it all away.  As much as I want the morning phone call, I don't want it.  I want to spend some more time in this happy limbo, where I just think that it might happen.  It's all too fast.  

Anyway - that was me - checking in.  I'll let you know tomorrow's news when I know it.


  1. I had been wondering how your PIO shots were going. Mine aren't too bad. The warm wash cloth and massaging seem to be helping. I read somewhere though that it's after a few weeks of the shots that they start getting more painful. Hopefully we will both be lucky enough to experience that pain!

    It's ok to be terrified. I woke up at 3am and couldn't go back to sleep because I realized what day it was.

    Hope that you get your call, and that your results put a smile on your face so big it gives you facial cramps! ;)

  2. Yeah PIO is no fun! I have a steamy hot wash cloth that I have my hubbs put on and press firmly immediately after the shot. I find the super hottness very soothing!

    And I totally think the hot cocoa is no biggie! Looked scruptious, hope you enjoyed every ounce!!!

    Sending you good vibes today!

  3. I know the stress of waiting for that call. Best of luck to you and I hope everything goes great. And I hope those shots get easier to deal with. Fingers crossed!!

  4. I never gave up chocolate during my cycle. I did my best to cut back, but I wasn't very successful. I figured it couldn't be too bad to have a little caffeine since at one point I was told to drink a large cup of regular coffee by my clinic.

  5. the happy limbo place. I was always surprised by how much I liked hanging out in that space. I do hope that you get to experience that hope and happy limbo again very very soon.


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