03 April 2011

The Fish and the Egg

I went out to my sister's house today, because we were going to look at and possibly buy a recliner for my dad that I found on craigslist in her town.  He has really needed one, and the furniture in his apartment is undersized for him, uncomfortable, and just not right.  Turns out that the recliner we found for him was just perfect, so we bought it, and then took it to his house as an early birthday present.  And then - we couldn't get in because my sister didn't have her key, and he was gone to Montana for the day to go on a date (Go Dad!!!)  Sis called him up when he got home and they brought it up for him.  He loves it.

Also - today I got to explain IVF to my nephew - after my sister told me "He knows about the egg and the fish."  Mostly because this was the second time in the past couple of weeks that he asked me if I wanted a baby.  I said yes, and then he asked how people get babies.  So the discussion involved how people only usually have one egg at a time, but I was going to the doctor so that I could make lots of eggs (Nephew: "there was this dog, and it had lots of babies, so it had lots off eggs." Me: "Kinda like that, but I'm not going to have lots of babies, only one or two.")  And then how the doctor was going to take all the eggs out of my tummy with a needle, and then put Jakobe's fish in the egg with another smaller needle, and then watch to see which ones grow the best, and then put only two of them back.  I don't know that he'll remember the conversation, but it was interesting to try and explain.  And I can just imagine the mental imagery.

{Begin bitch session}

My cousin is pregnant again.  The one who has 3 girls, and whose husband didn't want any more kids because they're walking a financial tightrope as it is.  The one who just has to look at him funny and gets knocked up.  The one who told my sister she should just have another one now so that they could be pregnant together.  Yeah.  It makes me so angry, and sad, and jealous.  I am not rational about this.  But even my sister, her best friend, thinks that this was not probably the best move she could have made - and she did it on purpose.

Enough whining and bitching on my part.  I think.

Anyway - still waiting for maintenance to start, still spotting, still cramping, and still not getting to have sex with Jakobe.  Grr.  (Shit, I forgot I was done whining.)  So there's no further movement on the IVF front.  Just more hurry-up-and-wait.  My new schedule at work starts tomorrow, so I don't have to be there until 8:30.  It's going to be a bit strange going to work that late, but it's better than using up more of my non-existant sick time (I've been sick a lot this year).


  1. I love it! What a great chat! As for the cousin...sigh. takes all kinds, right? I'm sorry. Hang in there...soon you will be poking yourself with needles like the best of them. And I really like the new design!!

  2. I hope things get moving soon!!!

    I love that analogy with the fish and the egg. I hope we all get lots of fish and lots of eggs!!!

  3. Yay for Dad's recliner! What awesome daughters he has!

    And I love the fish and the egg analogy. I can only imagine what kind of pictures your nephew has in his head. That's so cute.

  4. Ack, sorry about the cousin. It's hard not to be sad, angry and jealous. Seems everyone in my facebook news feed is suddenly and easily pregnant. It sucks to see such ease when it's so difficult for yourself. Hang in there! Sending you lots of virtual hugs!


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