14 April 2011

'twas the night before retrieval...

And all through the house, every creature was hoping, even the mouse.
(okay, there better not be mice in my house...  the cat's supposed to take care of that - but what else easily rhymes with house?)

Today the Dr said it looks like I may have a couple on the left that make it.  In any case, here we are - the night before, and I'm excited, and nervous, and not absolutely sure what tomorrow has in store for us.

The trigger last night was not bad at all - it didn't sting like the lo-dose at all.  I woke Jakobe up to do his part - and well, he chickened out.  So once I was done, and I told him that I hardly even felt it, it didn't hurt, a completely incredulous look cam over his face and he told me " what are you talking about - it hurt me, and I'mm across the room holding onto the cat!"

Today went well.  I guess I should say that even with not responding that well, I can sooo feel my right ovary (it aches), and the ultrasound this morning graduated past minor discomfort into hurt territory, but not a lot.

First trip to the RE in the morning is at 7:45, then home for showers, and then pick up my best friend (Jakobe want's moral support while he's waiting, and then he wants to go have lunch with *his* best friend) and back to the clinic at 11 for the retrieval at noon.

In completely unrelated news - My uncle showed up to visit this weekend without warning, so now we've got a family potluck Saturday afternoon - as well the fact that I promised to take the individual and couple pictures for my youngest sister and her friends for their Prom!

Updated labs from Yesterday:

  • Estrogen: 891
  • Progesterone: 1.4
  • LH: 5.3

And today:

  • Follies:  Left 14, 13, 13, ???  I think  Right 3x >20 and a couple of small ones...
  • Estrogen: 1150
  • Beta: 69 (to make sure that I did the trigger right...  Guess I did.)
  • Lining: 9.5


  1. Hope the retrieval goes well!

  2. love the poem, very cute!

    I've never had any trouble with the trigger shot, but have never had to give it to myself! Jakobe's response is so funny though! Poor ML cringes every time he gives me the PIO, I try to assure him that the injection is fine, its just the soreness later on.

    oh gurlie - you take it easy this weekend, strict orders from Foxy. Don't let all these family activities take you off the couch for more that a few minutes at a time. You want your body rested and healed and ready for the transfer. Promise me that you'll take it easy!!!

  3. Good luck tomorrow hun. I'll be thinking of you and sending along lots of positive thoughts.

    Foxy is right. You need to take it easy after and for the next couple of days so don't let the family pressure you into all kinds of activity. Be nice to yourself.

  4. I agree with foxy - you deserve some rest this weekend!!!

    I am keeping my fingers crossed for you~~good luck hon!!

  5. Haha! Did you see that our posts had the same title! Great minds! So...Good morning! I will be thinking of you all day long! Oh and another thing in common... TK didn't chicken out on the shot, but he was hesitating so long that I just grabbed the needle from him and jabbed it in my hip.

    Sending LOTS of positive vibes your way for an awesome retrieval! Lots of eggs and few nerves!

  6. Lots of luck to you!! I hope everything goes well!

  7. I can't wait to hear how it goes! And I cracked up about Jakobe's reaction, LOL. Good luck!


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