04 April 2011

The technical beginning

According to my RE's reckoning, today was CD1. So I guess we have begun. AF on the other hand, hasn't begun, just more of the infernal spotting. I am going to bed early, having failed to write 2 of the three papers I needed to write tonight due to a terrible headache and a house full of people. Now, I'm just hanging out in my bed with my cat.
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  1. kitty snuggling is one of my favorite occupations. Don't worry about AF, she will show in full soon enough and then you can really feel like things are underway.

    Yay for starting!

  2. Kitties are the best, aren't they ?

  3. What a gorgeous cat... hope you're feeling better tomorrow. Rest up and look after yourself xoxo

  4. I love your kitty! I have 2 as well :)

    Okay, I took my last bcp last night so I should start soon I guess...although I have spotted the last 5 days. I guess we are both weird?? :)

  5. I did the same thing. My last bcp was Wednesday of last week. I spotted and spotted, then yesterday got something resembling a period, but this morning it was definitely here! I am counting my first day of stims as CD1.

  6. Yay for kitty cuddling! And my suppression period was only spotting as well. Not uncommon! So here you go! So exciting :-)


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