06 April 2011

And so it begins

With me setting aside my clothes before I went to bed, because I was sure I was going to forget stuff in the morning.

With getting up very early, and not eating breakfast, and just trying to get out the door, but making sure that I downloaded Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations to Jakobe's kindle so that I could read my homework in the RE's waiting room.

With getting my blood drawn, not where I requested, but it worked, so I don't have to care.

With the absolute fastest ultrasound examination I have ever had in my life!  I described it to Jakobe as getting Wham-bam-dildo-cam'd and he asked me not to post that here (a request that I am blatantly ignoring - although I do love you honey) because it gave him a crude mental image.  I was surprised by how fast it was, but also because trying to see my right ovary hurt.  I shouldn't have been surprised, that's where I always hurt.... but I was anyway.

With good Labs:  Estrogen already coming up at 61.5, Progesterone staying where it should at 1.1, and my LH still coming in at a happy number of 4.4.

Relevant info from the Ultrasound (going off of what I heard the Dr. say):  Lining looks good, about where it should be 3x3? 5 follies on the left ovary, and 6 on the right.  I guess I can stop worrying about not having had regular flow...  It's probably not going to happen at this point.  Hopefully the stims will stop the spotting so that I can get back to enjoying Jakobe while we still have the chance.

Medication Instructions:

  • 225 IU of Follistim
  • 20 Unit of LoDose HCG

And Pooey - No migraine medication.  I'm allowed Tylenol, and only Tylenol.


  1. I'm sorry, but wham-bam-dildo-cam?? That is the funniest thing I have heard in ages!!! I'm totally using that!

    Yay for good labs and everything BEGINNING!!! Good luck!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing "Wham-bam-dildo-cam'd" despite Jakobe's request. Good for a laugh on my end :) Best to you!

  3. Yay! All good news! Hopefully I will be right behind you :)

  4. LMAO wham bam dildo cam. Glad you are into the stims! Very exciting! All the best luck!

  5. Glad everything looks good, and that the u/s was quick.

    Sorry about your achy ovary. My left ovary is the nasty one, and no one seems to be able to tell me why it hurts so much when they wand me.

  6. Aren't you glad that you learned from my experience that your intimate time with J is going to be coming to a quick end! ML and I were commiserating about that just last night. :)

    Go ovaries Grow follies!


  7. Sorry about my slow blogging this week :( Love the wham-bam-dildo-cam !! Great that things are going well... getting close now :)) xoxo


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