15 April 2011


It's here. Today is the first day of truth, when we start getting a bit in the way of hard numbers, and we're really on the way. Since Leigh (I promise to link later, she's hornmonacoaster.blogspot.com, IIRC and I had the same blog title by chance last night, and because all day updates may keep me from feeling as hungry, I'm following her lead and I'll be updating all day.

0645 - Wake up, stare at clock, try to go back to sleep for a bit. Poke Jakobe to start him waking up.

0745 - At the clinic, it's waaay emptier than usual, just the tail end of morning clinic. Nothing for me to do, just wait. After this we're headed back home to shower and make sure that we have no scents on us (It's a no deodorant day, yikes). I know I haven't mentioned this much lately, but I'm wondering if they ever decide not to do ICSI on the day of? Food for thought.
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  1. Best of luck, sweetie! My DH tried to worm his way out of the trigger too...but he ended up caving and doing it. I hope things go really well for you today.

  2. FXed!!!

    Retrieval day is an interesting one, especially with all the sleepy meds.

    They do sometimes decided against ICSI day of, as a lot depends on the sample they get and the doctor's discretion. They may come and ask you what you want to do. Our RE did that. He basically said, "the sperm look good, so what would you folks like to do?"

  3. So glad you're updating frequently too!! Hugs!!

  4. Good luck! I hope everything goes just as you hope it will! Can't wait to hear good news from you later!

  5. Wishing you lots of luck today!

  6. I thought about you all day. SOunds like things went well. Keeping these little fingers crossed.


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