16 April 2011

Retrieval - the whole story, and my Fert Report

I'm typing this up early in the day, while I'm waiting for my fertilization report, and because Jakobe is still sleeping.  

**Update: Fert report is at the bottom, if you want to skip ahead**

So - yesterday's whole story:

I woke up, a bit earlier than we needed to, and then at 7 I started poking Jakobe, because he needed to get up and take a pill before we went.  Besides, he has a morning routine, and He mostly has to make it through the entire routine before we can leave...  even if it means leaving later than we should.  So we get up, and get dressed.  We decided Thursday night not to shower until after Jakobe's first trip in the the clinic (it's only about 15 minutes away from our house, so we didn't have to stay there all day.) and we would instead come home and shower in between.

When we got out of the house, and started driving in the car, I was checking my e-mail on my phone, and Jakobe looks at me sideways "you're not blogging right now are you?  I don't want you to be typing '7:30: we're driving to the clinic for Jakobe to deliver his sample.'  Anyway, I said no, I wasn't blogging (because I wasn't yet - I waited until I was alone in the waiting room and bored!)  But every time I started typing on the phone, he gave me a funny look.  Maybe I should respect his wishes more - but this is my thing... and I need it.

 In any case, I got a text from work - one of the server's was down, and since the other server guy is on a medical Leave, I was their only contact.  Thankfully, it wasn't bad, and all they needed was a password for that server.  I ended up talking to work twice yesterday, because then they needed to find a file, and I was the one who knew where it was.  It kind-of feels nice to be needed.

After finishing up at the clinic, we stopped at Jack in the Box for Jakobe's Breakfast (which he then had me carry on my lap - the whole drive home.  Soooo not fair.) It smelled so good, and I was hungry, so hungry that after we got home, and he ate, I was still having tummy growling moments while we were in the shower!  Once we finished killing more time at home, we drove out to my best friend's house to pick her up.  As she came out the door - the following conversation ensued:

ME: I assume you showered this morning.
HER: Of course.  
ME: and put on deodorant?
HER: Yeah
ME: Um, could you go wash it off?
HER: ...
ME: The doctor doesn't want us to have any scents on our skin, he says it's bad for the eggs/embryos.
HER: Oh, Okay, be- right back.
(wait a couple of minutes)
HER: Alcohol on your underarms is *cold* in the morning!

Then we were off.  I forgot to bring our consent forms (which we still hadn't signed) and so we grabbed them at the front test and started waiting.  The TV was on, and while it was The Price is Right, we were all okay, but then The Young and the Restless came on, and we had to change the channel - Jakobe grabbed the remote and switched it to supernatural - which I wasn't in the mood for, and besides, he just found a show he wanted to watch, and wasn't thinking about either of us...  I stole the remote from him, and we ended up with Fraggle Rock!

Then we got called into the back for Prep.  And you all saw the picture of me in my awesome gown.  That was before they tried to put in the IV.  Thankfully it only took about 20 minutes, and two pokes.  I ended up with the IV in the crook of my elbow.  More bruises!  Yay!  Talked for a bit, got post retrieval instructions, and then the anesthesiologist got me and brought me back.

I don't remember much of that part, just getting into position, him warning me that the drugs were coming, the oxygen in the mask starting to small funny, my face tingling, and waking up in recovery - where my feet we cold.  Actually, all of me was cold, and I was having chills, but that's a pretty normal response, and I wasn't worried.  We talked, waited, I ate crackers and drank juice so I could take my Tylenol #3, and the nurses came by to check my vitals several times.  The first one said that they got 3 and all were mature (which sounded off to me, I don't think that they could have known that yet?  Could they?) and my regular nurse said that they got 3 and that we'd get more information today.  In any case, after another stop by Jack in the Box - this time for Everyone, and where I ordered more food than I needed, because I was still hungry, we headed home.

I spent the rest of the day in bed, watching TV shows on my Laptop, and feeling uncomfortable.  It wasn't so much that I hurt from the retrieval, although there was a bit of pain from that, but it was mostly that this whole process has made me very gassy, and yesterday I couldn't pass gas.  THAT HURTS!  Thankfully, everything has resolved itself this morning, and I'm feeling pretty good - Physically anyway.

Got my Fert report while writing that last line:  Not great.  Of the 3 retrieved, only 2 were mature, and of those 2, only one fertilized.  We've got one.  And gods damn it, I hope it grows, and divides, and makes it - cause we've got only one egg in our basket.  I think we'll probably be doing this again in a couple of months.  Maybe we'll get a better result.  A girl can hope.  She can also cry.


  1. Fingers crossed for your one. Let it be a mighty one and thee one!!!

  2. okay, one little fertilized embryo. We can now focus all of our 'grow embie grow' thoughts onto that little one.

    you rest up now!

  3. That one little egg is going to be "the little egg who could"! Sending lots of love and hope your way!

  4. Sorry you didn't get the results you wanted. Got my fingers crossed that one little embryo will do the trick!

  5. Grow little one... grow :)) Lots of love to it and thinking of you both over the w/end. IVF is such a rollercoaster and after our poor result, our FS reassured us that next time, they do a different stimulation protocol b/c often our body reacts differently and ends up with more eggs... so future cycles often have better success - that hope is getting me through the difficult times. Love you always... rest up and pamper yourself xoxo

  6. Grow embie grow!! We are all rooting for you!

  7. It only takes one, my dear!! Sending you my bestest wishes!!!

  8. I have everything crossed for you that inspite of it all this cycle is sucessful.

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  10. Great recap. I wish we were only 15 minutes away from our clinic. I so hope that your 1 embryo makes it. I'm really pulling for you. Try to stay strong and positive, and yes, I know how hard that is. Fingers crossed over here!!!

  11. miracles happen :-) fingers are crossed for you sweetie! I am glad you aren't too miserable!

  12. Oh hon, that is so hard to go through all this and have "only one" - but this could be THE one! This whole process is so difficult, and uncertainty at every juncture. I hope your little egglet goes mad dividing in the next couple days. Hnag in there!

  13. It only takes one! Good luck! I'm rooting for you!

  14. Aww Jenni! I hope your one grows strong and healthy. Keep us posted.


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