17 April 2011

Killing time - and Procrastination

I was supposed to be doing homework today.  Instead, I haven't gotten out of my PJs, and I have been doing stuff around the House.

  • I made Belgian Waffles for Jakobe - cause that's what he wanted for breakfast.
  • I spent hours and hours retouching the photo's I too of my little sister in her prom dress yesterday.
  • We rigged a new center support system for our bad - it's awesome.  I don't think that bed was meant for a a memory foam mattress, and it needed more support. 
  • We re-arranged the bedroom
  • I cleaned (and really cleaned, the bedroom we re-arranged, and went through all of my dresser drawers.  They were a really big mess.)
  • I did some laundry.
  • I made a loaf of banana bread.
  • I'm writing a blog entry.

You see where I'm going with this.  Not that most of this stuff didn't need to get done.  But - None of it was my homework.  I have senioritis, combined with being in a mentally fucked up bad place right now.  It sucks.

And then - there was a question on a blog about what your husband shouldn't day to an infertile wife.  We today mine asked me if I was nesting! grr.

Anyway.  I am going to share a couple of pics of my sister.  Because she was absolutely beautiful, and looked like a princess.  Even if she did have a couple of promzilla moments!  You can click on the thumbnails to see larger pictures.


  1. She is very beautiful and the photos are amazing. Your day sounds like mine. We cleaned and organized, and now it just feels better to be in the house.

  2. She looks gorgeous :) Hope you're day gets better.... I always find cleaning and cooking very therapeutic. I could never do homework while feeling distracted... be gentle on yourself. Love to you always xoxo

  3. your sister is gorgeous! and your pictures are amazing as always!

  4. Your sis looks great - excellent dress! Good job on the pix, I'm sure she will treasure them.

    So hard to just be waiting waiting, nothing you can do but wait! Argh! Not a good place to try and concentrate on your studies, hope you can get what must get done, done. Good luck, and please call if need an IRL break! (i'm in the book or Kami has my # - or email musicmakermomma@gmail.com)


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