09 April 2011

day 6

Today was a busy day, and it started with an early trip to the RE, followed by support group, and then a massage. The massage was really helpful when it comes to the darned headache I've has all week.

Anyway, I was in the massage when the nurse called, so I got instructions but no lab values. Up my Follistim to 375 tonight, and then split it up to 150 at 7 am ans 225 at 7 pm. I guess I won't be slleping in anymore. At the ultrasound he saw 8 small follicles on the left, and then when we got to the right, it looked like it had gone to the races, ther were 3 small ones over there, and also 3 larger ones, measuring 13, 12, and 11. Now I guess we hope that the rest of them start to catch up? Also, my lining was apparenly good... 5mm type 1? I haven't taken the time to google the heck out of everything yet, so...

Other than that, Jakobe and I grabbed lunch, and then started (just barely) to tackle our patio project, I did a bit of laundry, and I re-read Clan Of The Cave Bear. I can't wait to finish re-reading the rest of them so I can justify buying the new one, but tomorrow, I'd better do homework, or I'm screwed.

Good Night Everyone!
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  1. Grow follies grow!! Sounds like it is going well!

  2. That is awesome! When do you go back? I've been wanting to re-read Clan of the Cave Bear as well. I'm hoping to make a trip to the used bookstore this week, maybe I can get it then! Or I might get it on audio book to listen to during my long drives to the RE. Good luck with homework today!

  3. I am no expert but that all sounds good! yay!

  4. Cheering your follicles on too :)) xoxo

  5. wait a second, your doc wants you to wake up at 7 am to give yourself an injection... I, um, would try my best to push those time back to 8 or 9 or even 10am!

    I've recently started having some tension headaches and am wondering how much i can get away with spending on massage while I'm pregnant... I'm using up my :honey will you rub my shoulders: tickets pretty quickly!

  6. Wishing you lots of good luck! And peace . . . if you can get it.


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