30 April 2010


I wasn't terribly impressed with the urologist this morning. I wanted thorough, I got quick.

There was nothing wrong with Jakobe's hormones, testicles, vas defrens, or prostate.
He's 90% sure that Jakobe has Retrograde Ejaculation - but he's not going to do anything to confirm that.
He had absolutely nothing to say about morphology or motility.
He did say that we wouldn't be able to conceive naturally, we would need either IUI or IVF.
When I said I was concerned about not having enough for IUI, he basically agreed.

Other than that - he said that there's one fertility doctor in Spokane, but he recommends that we go to Seattle instead.  (5 hours or so away)  He said we could try the Spokane Doc for a consultation, but that we should really think about it before actually doing any treatment here.

When I asked if there was anything he could do to confirm the retrograde, he said that we'd have to talk to the fertility specialist about that.  It seems he's washed his hands of us.

Anyway - I figured all of that out using "Dr. Google" months ago.  (okay, except for the first line...)

I was doing okay at the doctor's office, and basically until I was away from Jakobe.  He was having a hard time, and I guess subconsciously, I didn't want to add to it.  I started to fall apart a little while I was driving to work - and it's gotten worse since then.  It news wasn't worse than I had expected, but it wasn't what we wanted to here.

Good News:  I actually avoided the whole emotional eating thing when I got to work.  I got here, and there was a whole plate of muffins free for the taking, as well as a sausage/egg/potato thing.  I took some of the sausage stuff to eat for lunch, but did not give in to the temptation to eat one of those huge muffins...  I think I get a gold star.


  1. You definitely get a gold star, I would have given in for sure!
    Really disappointing when docs as so dismissive. We hang onto every word in search of hope and something "that can be done, possibly now" we don't want to think we have wasted precious time going to them. Have you researched the RE he's suggesting? And maybe is something closer. Big hugs.

  2. I'm so sorry about the urologist, but I have to say DH's urologist acted the same way. Just washed his hands of us, hardly answered any questions and passed us along to the next doctor. I hope you can find a good RE. :)

  3. I wonder if urologists resent the IF crowd? We got lucky and found one who was willing to talk, but basically said the same thing. Nothing he can do, would be surprised if we could do IUI and should just go to IVF.

    Maybe take the urologists advice about the searching in Seattle but also look for a urologist?

  4. We saw a Urologist who is associated with our RE - he was blunt, but honest and helpful, actually. It's so hard to hear news like that...I know. I'm so sorry.


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