30 April 2010

Here we go.

I'm still working on what to title this post.  I've got a variety of random thoughts jumbled around in my head.  Part of which is feeling a little bit nervous about the urology appointment tomorrow.  Yikes.  It's here. 

In other news:
  • My uncle has a 3 week old oops baby we're just finding out about now.  In the Phillipenes.  For a little perspective - his other two daughters are 28 and 26, and his granddaughters are 7, 5, and 3...  OOPS.
  • My mom is moving in with her boyfriend.  She'll be moving about an hour away (not too bad) but since in the nearly 3 years they've been dating he still hasn't managed to divorce his wife.  I'm not sure how good of an idea moving in together really is.
  • It's raining.
Anyway, I wrote this last night, and didn't  post.  It's morning, and we're off to see the urologist.

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