15 April 2010

Truth (Lie and Bounce)

This it the explaination of my statement on the Lushary.

It's true, I did once date a king.  It was many years ago, when I was younger, skinnier, more foolish, and definitely more naive. 

Honestly though, we only kind of dated, and he was a special kind of king.  Some people might call him the make-believe, pretend kind of king.  Those people have never really participated in the totally strange and awesome world of the Society for Creative Anachronism. He was the king of An Tir, the kingdom where I live to this day.  He's certainly not king anymore, as a reign only lasts six months, but the title does confer some power and respect, and at the same time, can result in free flowing libations (and really cool clothes).


  1. Damn, that was a really good truth. Congratulations on dating royalty.

    Sending good thoughts for all the waiting.

  2. Just linked back to participate. Thats awesome. I feel like I just got to have a drink with you! Maybe someday we really can :)


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