13 April 2010

Easier than it was

From my temperature this morning I'm pretty certain that I ovulated yesterday.  As far as trying the old-fashioned way - we missed the window entirely.  A couple of months ago, I would have been (and was) upset, adngry, and overly emotional about not having what I felt like was "good enough" timing during my fertile window.  This resulted in crying, and general crabby-bitchiness on my part.

Today - I still wish that we had sex more often, but I'm not at all worked up about it.

As a coincidence, I read an article in Slate yesterday, When Sex Becomes a Chore, about the toll that infertility takes on women's sex lives.  Unfortunately, it still focuses on fertility being a female problem.  It would have been nice if they had touched on the slightly different set of difficulties that face couples with Male factor infertility.  Thankfully for us, sex is again divorced from baby-making, but not entirely.  Jakobe feeling less like a man certainly has a detrimental effect of that part of our lives.  We're finding our way, and it's good.  Someday, it'll be great.


  1. Check your email. You won the book!

  2. There was a time when I was feeling a bit "attacked" by my wife everytime her cycle came around. To the point where I started having "erectile dysfunction" issues. It didn't last long but it made the situation that much worse. As soon as we decided to "relax" about our issues it became much much better. This was before we found out I had Male Factor Infertility, but because we went through this before it made it easier now that we know I'm the one with the issue.

  3. Yeah, I saw that Slate article and completely identified with it. I was glad to see at least IF and the emotional issues that come along with it were getting some notice.


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