23 April 2010


So - Yesterday was a day to forget.  One of those days that you almost wish never happened, except that it just wasn't quite bad enough to make you want the erase a whole day.  

You could say that I got up on the wrong side of the bed, or started my day off on the wrong foot, but really, the first 15 minutes were okay.  I got up, got ready for work, and kissed my husband goodbye.  I'm almost over the jealousy that he's still sleeping when I leave for work.  I decided to check my e-mail on my phone, and got an ugly surprise.  My supervisor's boss sent me an e-mail saying that she has added more hours off to my absence report before turning it in to payroll, so I wouldn't have to worry about filling out another one.  This is a problem because:
  1. Changing my paperwork after I've signed it and turned it in, and without consulting me, is NOT OKAY.
  2. I had already worked out with my boss the fact that I had made up the time for my dentist's appointment, before I went to the appointment.
  3. This isn't the first time she's made a big fuss about absence reports, and last time it happened we were told that it was okay for me to make up time instead of using sick leave.
  4. I don't take lunches(almost no-one in my department does regularly), and often work a little bit more than my shift - for free - because I'm not really a clock watcher.  After last time, I started keeping track of how much time that really adds up to, and it's a lot, a lot more than I've had to take away from work for doctor's appointments.
Needless to say - I was very very upset and angry.  It's mostly resolved now, she and my supervisor have talked it out.  I guess she was under the impression that I had been taking half days with makeup time (I have taken up to 2.5 hours at one time).  But - I think she's crossing the line.  At least talk to someone - like maybe my direct supervisor,  before taking action that I'm not even sure is legal...  It certainly invalidated my signature at the bottom of the form.

In other news.  Maintenance started early - I think.  At absolutely the worst moment.  Jakobe was trying to cheer me up and make me less grumpy after work yesterday and we were surprised (and he was freaked out) because maintenance seems to have started.  My rule of thumb is:  Red = AF, Brown = Spotting.  So combining that with the temp drop yesterday, I'm calling it CD1 - and saying that we're on to a whole new cycle.  I could stop paying attention to my temp - but it does help me to predict when maintenance is due to begin - it just wasn't supposed to be until Saturday.

I can confirm that it's definitely easier to take CD1 when you really don't think there's a possibility that you're pregnant.  Here's to hoping that there are answers, or at least a plan, for us here in the near future.


  1. Sorry you ha such a crappy day.


  2. hi jenni - thanks for visiting my blog! omg, your boss's boss sounds like a complete $hit!! a signature is a signature and you don't just change something like a time sheet without discussing with someone. you should tell her: "you know what happens when one A$$UMES!!!!???"

    i had plans to have 5 kids by the time i turned 32, with the first at 25 (obviously i was hoping for some multiples in there). um, didn't get married until right before turning 31, and i'm now 32 with no baby. so clearly, somtimes these plans just don't work out.

    but we'll get there! my dh has crappy sperm too.

    i'll be rooting for you :o)

  3. I'm sorry you had such a truly craptacular day. What your boss's supervisor did is highly illegal and somehow she should be reminded of that.


  4. Ugh what an awful situation to walk into. I wonder if somehow people going through IF give off "mess with me" signals somehow?


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