01 November 2011

Antibiotics are Evil

At least Docycycline is when prescribed to my Husband.  It makes his blood sugar go completely out of control, and high blood sugar makes him cranky (which is a bit of an understatement, when his blood sugar is high, his fuse is so short it might as well not exist.)

So, because he doesn't physically have enough insulin to keep up with the doxy, I called our nurse coordinator to see if we can get a scrip for something else.  It only took her a couple (three and a half) hours to call me back.  Then she was very rushed, and hurried me off the phone while I was trying to be sure that she had the right pharmacy to call the scrip in to.

Fast forward to my drive home from work, when I stop off at the pharmacy to pick up the scrip.  No Scrip, and none at any of the other pharmacies in the chain.  We don't have a scrip.  So - Here I am waiting, again, for her to call me back, and hoping that it'll be today, because Jakobe is *not* taking any more doxycycline.  It's just not okay.


  1. Clinic are sooooo frustrating how they take so long to return phone-calls then don't organise things properly.... it's as though they don't care sometimes. Hope this works out for you ASAP... and your husband gets onto something that suits him better. Love always xoxo

  2. Don't worry about it. This cycle we totally dropped the ball on the Doxy. I have the bottle w my DH's name on it, but they never told me when he was supposed to start taking it, so he never did. The doc literally just shrugged his shoulders. I think it can help w sperm quality some of the time, but it won't be the end of the world if your husband doesn't take anything.

  3. Why is this so difficult? I ask this question because I just went through the same thing getting some prednisone filled last week-first, they didn't have it, then pharmacy said they called it in, but didn't leave the dose or the route. So I feel you.


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