31 October 2011

Lupron and Television

Sometimes what I watch on TV seems to fit right in with my life, and sometimes it doesn't.  Anyone following the story-line on Private Practice?  I just finished last week's episode, and all I can say is Yes, you've gotta have hope.  But lady - Hope kills.

And so do crazy hormonal women.  I'm having a rough enough time already, I don't really want to experience the full blown IVF hormonacoaster.  Plus - as much as I love Jakobe, he gets a perverse joy out of making sure I know exactly how crazy and bitchy I am.  Which is totally not fair, especially when he's being just as moody, if more predictable.

In any case, my first Lupron injection was tonight, and then as I was sitting there, feeling kind-of yucky and crampy i discovered that joy of joys now I'm spotting (or more, it *is* red) too.  and I can't figure out which day I'm supposed to be on for my damned fertility meditations....  I think I'll do day 1 tonight, and then day 3 tomorrow - I've gotta shortchange one or two of them, since I have about 10 days, to fit in twelve days of meditations.  I suppose I could meditate more than once a day...  a thought.

Here's to all of us surviving the next few days.  Me, Jakobe and Sasha.

I got smart - tonight I picked out tomorrow's clothes so that I don't have to figure it out in the morning, just find socks.  Speaking of socks - anyone know where I can find some awesome ones before Friday?  I'm just not ready for Christmas socks, and those were the only ones I found today.


  1. I hate the IVF hormonocoaster... hope it's gentle on you. Thinking of you xoxo

  2. Right here with ya girl! Had my last stims last night and going to do the trigger tonight. As for socks--last pair I got for my last retrieval was from the mall store Fuego. Im not sure if you ahave one by you, but it's a funky artsy fartys chain store. Also, Fireworks. They usually have fun socks. Happy shopping!

  3. I hope the meditations help. Lupron will drive you crazy!

    I got two pairs of really cool socks by accident. I was in the kid section of Target buying socks, and I bought the wrong size..so they fit me. One pair is striped and one polka dot in the same colors, so you can even mix n match them if you are feeling wacky. The nurse complemented me on them when I had my feet in the stirrups. Which was a little weird :)

  4. @Chickenpig

    I can't get away with Kids socks(size 11 feet) but, I found monkey socks at Ross!


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