08 November 2011

Day 10 - Are we there yet?

Say hello to the Stay Puft Marshmallow man.  Or at least, that's how I feel.  Tonight is not trigger time, and I get to go back in in the morning.  Dr says that He wanted to let me go one more day.  I mind, and I don't - they counted 16 follies this morning. Some still to small, and some the right size.

Mostly I'm starting to feel like I might explode.  My Nurse coordinator still has to be prodded every day to give me numbers - she just want to tell me what my instructions are and leave it at that.  It irritates me a little bit - and I think that my asking irritates her a little bit too, but I'd rather be informed than just in the dark and guessing.


  • E2: 3189
  • Progesterone: 1.8
  • Follicles: 16, ranging from 13-20ish mm
    • Right: 13, 17, 18, 19, 19, 20
    • Left: 13,13, 5x<15, 19, 19, 19

We're almost there.  Jakobe's work is giving him a bit of trouble, not wanting to let him have time off for retrieval, or time off for transfer.  I know that I don't technically need him then, but dammit I want him to be there.  We're making it work.  If everything works out how we are currently;y expecting, then retrieval is going to be at about the same time that the furnace guy is coming to fix the heat in our house, so Jakobe will probably be home waiting for said furnace guy, and Heather will be with me giving me a ride, etc.  Then if the furnace still isn't fixed I'll be at home, and Jakobe is headed back to work - they're short staffed for closers on Friday.  I'll let you know what we do tomorrow.

Tonight I'm going to try to go to bed early again and hopefully I can fall asleep.  I find myself very tired, but last night I laid in bed for a long time just trying to fall asleep.  I must also remember to take my vitimins and drink some water before I zonk out.  Every day it seems to be getting harder to draw my blood for labs.  Thankfully even if it's been getting harder, the lady I've worked with most days has been awesome, and I've been getting away with only about 1 stick for day.  In My book, That's a miracle.

  I managed to make it to the clinic early enough that I was on time for work this morning, but each day is kind of it's own crapshoot, so I'll have to try and repeat myself tomorrow - before I really irritate my boss.


  1. That super-bloated feeling is so so uncomfortable... hopefully you'll be triggering soon then have you're retrieval soon :) I know how you feel about having to ask for numbers... it's our body and cycle that they're talking about, so we are certainly entitled to this info - so frustrating how they get irritated by it :( Thinking of you and FXd for your retrieval xoxo

  2. I hope the extra day is worth it in the end, but that bloated feeling really bites! Take extra care of your abdomen these days. I can's wait to see how many eggs you get.

  3. That's an awesome e2! I asked for my number every time, and the nurse was also annoyed every time. Oh well! Hope you have a smooth retrieval.


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