16 November 2011


Here's Embry.  We were told that it was an excellent looking embryo, so we have that going for us.  I have spent all day on the couch, but I guess that's okay.  I should remember my vitimins before I pass out. 

The details on the others are, as of this morning:

2 early blasts

2 morulas

1 delayed

I'm hoping there's at least one to freeze in the morning.  I'd prefer two.

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  1. Wonderful to have such a good looking embie... and for being PUPO :)) Rest up and look after yourself :) FXd for your other ones to keep growing and get ready to freeze xoxo

  2. That is a beautiful looking embryo! You can tell that it's just ready to hatch! Very promising :)

    Congrats on being PUPO, may your 2ww be as stress free as possible. Stick emby, stick and grow!

  3. That's awesome! May your wait go by quick and may the beta be positive!!


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