04 November 2011

day 4:long lines

I think that today is technically day 4 of stims.  I'm sitting here waiting with about 30 other women to be churned through the ultrasound machine that is a.m. labs. 

Mostly I'm just really really hoping that it's working right now.  I'm so afraid that it's going to be terrible like last time and that I'm not actually stimming, even given the high doses of drugs I am on.

I'm also hoping that I'm going to able to talk to somone about this terrible pain in my right breast.  If I bump it wrong it takes me almost a minute to recover, because it's like being stabbed.  It sucks, and I keep bothering it while I'm trying to sleep.  I guess I want to know if I should wait and see if it stops when stims do, or if I should have it checked out. 

Nothing like random boob pain to take you mind off of nearly everything else.

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