07 November 2011

The post I owed you yesterday...

...but I skipped because I wasn't doing anything.  It was my birthday, and my prerogative.  I had a very lazy day. Especially if you don't count getting up at the crack of dawn to go to the RE's office and have an ultrasound wand shoved up my hoo-ha and my arms poked with needles to remove my lifeblood.  But all in all it wasn't bad.

It was pretty good, and I had good News from the doctors office - all is proceeding according to plan.  I'm getting a little nervous, because now I only have about two and a half Gonal-F pens left.  and I'm pretty sure I'm right on the edge because if the timing matches last time, then I'll be triggering tomorrow night, and I won't need the extra, but If I follow the calendar I'm short.  I need to remember to talk to them about it tomorrow.,

Does anyone else suddenly feel even more bloated right after they do their injections?  It's like I know that I'm not actually any more uncomfortable than I was two minutes before, but suddenly it's like I can feel my ovaries expanding, yet again.  Plus - I feel like I have to fart - all the time, and I just can't (well not much, I *am* farting as much as possible because I feel like it's giving me a little release.)

...and now that I have crossed the TMI line all over again, we can return to our regular programming.

My birthday was great.  Jakobe and Heather bought me a ticket to a wine tasting and benefit, and we had a wonderful time.  We all went out for sushi beforehand.  Heather and I enjoyed it immensely, while Jakobe explored all of the non sushi items on the conveyor belt.  At the benefit I bought 3 small bottles of a port that I like, Even though I already have a bottle here at home, because it was available at a discount.  Now I don't have to worry about opening up a bottle - because I still have a couple more.  Anyway, that was the night before, on my birthday itself, with the exception of the part mentioned above, we hung around the house, watched TV and movies, ignored our chores, and went to Red Lobster for Endless Shrimp.

Details from the Doctor's office:

  • E2 - 1657
  • Progesterone - 1.19
  • Follicles - they still counted 11, 5 on the left, 6 on the right.  Almost all of them were 15mm, one measured 16, and there was one - (I'm not sure if it was part of the count) - at 12mm.
I'm off to the RE again in the morning, and I half expect to be telling you all that trigger is tomorrow night.  Either way, I'll be owing you a post tomorrow.  Until then.

(Oh, and for those who might be counting, this was my 200th post.  It should be more significant, but Hey, I'm gonna let it slide for now.)


  1. Happy happy birthday :)) Sorry that you're having to do all these appts and tests over your birthday... hopefully your birthday will bring you extra luck this cycle :)) FXd for your trigger and thinking of you from Oz xoxo

  2. Happy Birthday!!! It sounds like you had a great time, the wanding and blood draw excluded. But hey, what's a birthday without a wand up the coochie? ;)

    I did get that bloated feeling right after the Gonal shot! And that gassy feeling...bleh. I hope it means that you'll have a ton of great eggs. :)

  3. Happy Birthday! I am glad you enjoyed even with the early morning dildo cam.
    It sounds like things are moving along nicely. So exciting, you are getting there.

  4. Happy Birthday! Sounds like it was pretty awesome!

  5. I am the queen of bloat!!!! My suggestion is to start eating activia now. Also, the fiber 1 bars are tasty and they work. Wouldn't recommend more than 1 a day though! When all else fails, balck coffee helps with bloat. Happy farting! Enjoy the glamour of ttc and ivf! Smiles your way!


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