17 November 2011

And Murphy strikes again.

We have nothing to freeze, according to our nurse, all 5 arrested overnight.

I'm trying not to get too upset or emotional, wouldn't want to fuck up the broken basket that's carrying our only egg.

Support group meeting should start anytime.  Probably a good thing.  I'm going to eat blueberry cream cheese tart and try not to cry.

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  1. Oh Jenni, I am so sorry :( Really praying that little embry is sticks tight

  2. I'm so sorry :( I have everything crossed that your embie is snuggling in for the long haul.

  3. So sorry to hear... hoping with all my heart that your little one holds on tight and is with you forever xoxo

  4. I'm holding out for your original embryo! Very positive thoughts are being sent your way to get through this difficult time.


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