09 November 2011

Trigger Time

You heard that right, it's trigger time.  This time it's at 10:00 pm instead of 1 am, so I don't have to either get up at an ungodly hour, or stay up really late and miss out on my sleep.  5000 IUs this time, I think becaue there's so much more going on down there.

I have the worst gas, and it's adding to the puffy bloated feeling.  I am now regretting the Fiber One bars that I ate earlier today.  Tasty, but I think that they made the gas worse.

Jakobe's employer is being a total ass about the whole thing, and he will be working friday during retrieval,  Not such a big deal - but they also wont let him have any time on Wednesday for transfer.  Completely not cool.  He has sick time, but they won't let him use it.

I spent the time this evening trying to stay awake by watching TV instead of doing any of the other things that should have been on the priority list - Like putting the dishes away, laundry, or even NaNoWriMo.  I am falling way behind, and I really should do something about it, but I'm just exhausted.  I get home, and I mostly want to sleep.  I don't cause then I'll wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to go back to sleep - but it's hard to focus when you'd rather be sleeping.

Theoretically - we're supposed to have sex tonight.  and If I didn't feel like an overblown balloon I might actually feel like having sex tonight.  But - I am veeling very baloon like, and the closest thing to a penis that my vagina has seen in days is an ultrasound wand - and it just hurt,  It doesn't make me want to put anything else in their either.  and all of that is discounting the requirement that we use a condom.  I hate them, Jakobe hates them, and they are not the best option when performance is proscribed and might be an issue.  Why - cause he's not really in the mood tonight eeither.

He's not getting too much sympathy from me on that front.  If the most unpleasant thing (besides helping me with my injections) that he has to do is masturbate - I think he'll survive it.  Somehow it's not air that most of the suckiness falls to the women in most cases - he doesn't even have to get up at o'dark thirty to go to the RE's office, and some morning's it's hard to refrain from really waking him up instead of kissing him on the head while He dozes and I walk out the door.

I just realized that he once (possibly jokingly) threatened to boycot the process if they had to "go to the source" in his words, and that basically, they have to "go to the source" on my side every tim.  and my source, is a lot less accesible than his.

OKay - I think I might be getting a bit bitchy.  I'm gonna blame it on tired and hormonal.  That and headaches everyday that I don't get to take anything for.

On that note - I'll say goodnight.

***Quick Morning update***

Here are the actual stats:

  • e2: 4540
  • Progesterone: 1.8
  • Follicles :  Now he's only counting the largest ones to get a general feeling - 13
    • Right: 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 19, 17
    • Left: 20, 20, 20, 19, 19, 17
  • Endometrial Thickness: 9mm


  1. Happy triggering :)) I've often thought the same when my husband complains about what he needs to do as part of this process ! FXd for all your follicles... may they ripen beautifully for your retrieval xoxo

  2. Oh your follie reports are looking good - try to stay positive - I really think this might be your cycle!

    Most of us can empathize with your significant other problems. Throughout the IVF process and through this pregnancy there are moments and days when he is supportive and wonderful - and just as many when he acts selfish and distant (in my opinion anyway). Guys just can't understand what we are going through, and to be fair I guess we can't know what they go through either.

    Good luck with trigger, retrieval and transfer. I will be thinking of you these next couple of weeks. It IS your turn!!!

  3. I hope that your super inflated bloated feeling means that you're going to get a huge clutch of eggs. Tons of luck!!!

  4. Your follicle count looks awesome!


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