03 November 2011

I cannot be trusted...

...with microdose Lupron, which must be kept refrigerated.  I have had two incidents in the last two days.

Incident one - I left it out, on the counter for three hours, while I went to dinner, and only thought about it after I crawled into bed.  Had to get back up again - put it in the fridge, have a freakout, and call the pharmacist in the morning.

Incident two - While trying to avoid a repeat of incident one, I asked Jakobe to "put it away" after I was done drawing up the Lupron injection.  I was sitting on the couch and trying to manage all three injections at once.  Unfortunately he heard "throw it away".  Oops.  There's an upside to this one.  Today is garbage day, so he took the garbage out last night.  And - it's November, so it cold outside.  A garbage can is like a fridge, right?  (I've been keeping it in the outer container, and miraculously, nothing got dirty...)

I cannot screw this up again, I may be out of free passes.

On a final note - I owe my nurse coordinator a bit of an apology.  I'm still irritated that it takes forever to hear back from her, but it was mostly the pharmacy's screw up.  They hadn't checked their voice-mail in hours when I got there.  She still called it in to the wrong pharmacy, but she did call it in to the right chain.  All is better now, and Jakobe started his antibiotics all over again last night.


  1. Whoops! Are you using the 2 week lupron kit? Or is it compounded? I had the 2week kit and the package said to keep at room temp. But when I got the compounded one, it said to keep in the fridge. My issue with meds and temps is that I always forget to bring my follistim out of the fridge to allow to come to room temp before administering and it throws my whole injection routine off!

  2. Don't panic! The medicine won't go bad, that's not why they want you to refrigerate it. When I started doing this a gazillion years ago the Lupron wasn't refrigerated. Now they want it refrigerated because it's a multi dose. Anything that you use more than once CAN get bacteria in it, and refrigeration hampers that. A couple of days sitting around won't hurt. Gonal and stuff needs to be refrigerated, though.


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