14 November 2011

Day three Reporting

Well, I am feeling better.  Still a bit of odd sensations in the pelvic region, but basically okay.  I haven't quite figured out how I feel about how things are going this time.  I'm certainly not despondent and full of fear, which is pretty much how I was feeling about this point int he process last time.  Instead I'm just trying not to have too much in the way of expectations either way. 

Jakobe is in some ways my rock.  He's really good at being optimistic and being sure that this are going to work out in our favor.  At the same time, He has crawled into his very safe and secure bubble - other wise known as near constant video games.  It's how he deals with things, but I still kind of miss him when he does. 

So far the PIO injections are going very well.  I kick him off of the TV for about forty five minuted so that I can watch some tv with a heating pad on my bum.  I'm doing the injections in my right hip, and he's taking care of the ones in my left hip.  He thinks it's a fair division of labor - I can't bring myself to tell him that it's only fair if half the injections are in *HIS* bum.  oh well, not exactly going to work out that way.

On Saturday I headed over to the local coffee shop for a support group meeting, but it turned out I was the only one who could make it.  We have two groups right now - One for people who are experiencing infertility at any stage of their journey, and one for those who are trying to conceive or parent their first.  It was the second group that was pretty empty this weekend, and not for a bad reason.  We have finally had several people who have moved on.  They finally have their BFP, and they are now taking new steps.  It's been a long time coming, because the group had about a two year drought.  Now - We've got three pregnant women.

I hope I get to be number four.  It'll play hell on the meetings, but for good reasons.

I guess it's time to share this morning's details.

We have four 8-cell embryos, and one that's at less than 5 cells.  I don't expect that last one to make it.  SO I'm thinking that we have four that were right on schedule this morning.  We won't know any more until Wednesday morning, when they will tell us if any of them are ready to transfer.  Even if they're not, we're going to have a transfer, we'll just thaw and use Embry (or: the little embryo who could).  Here's to being almost PUPO.


  1. Embie report is sounds awesome! I just know you'll have plenty for transfer this time- can't wait to hear how it goes on Wednesday :)

  2. Grow embies! Looking forward to when you're PUPO :)


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