04 May 2010

Yes - I am a geek

So, in my wanderings of the interwebs today I have remembered/learned an important fact.  Today is Star Wars Day.  May the fourth be with you!

Jakobe would be proud of me - He's more into Star Wars than I am.  But - together we like it enough that we spent over $200 last week to buy Star Wars in Concert tickets.  Which is a lot of money for me to fork out right now.  Especially considering that we've only got about $6000 saved up for this infertility crap.  Since the concert itself is June 19th, we've got to wait a while, but I'm already excited.  I managed to get us third-row almost center seats, so it should be awesome.  It's also probably the last "big-ticket" item that I'm going to let us do - at least until our vacation for Jakobe's birthday in August.

In other news: I talked with Jakobe a bit last night about the fact that I'm depressed (not major, I'm going to kill myself depressed, or even the I'm not going to snap out of it in a couple of weeks depressed, more of the right now, this fucking sucks and I don't like it depressed.)  He read yesterday's post and was mad at me for not telling him to cancel Game Night.  Truth be told - I know that carrying on with my usual stuff would be good for me, so I didn't want to cancel.  I just really didn't feel like doing it either.  In the end - I had a good time.  Although, I do want to slap a friend silly for complaining about her kids...


  1. Geek :) Glad you had the strength to go through with something you thought you would dread. It's so difficult to push through the funk to be social, I know. Good for you.

  2. I've given myself permission to cancel plans at any time for any reason. it seems like a better option than not making any plans at all. But it is good to have things to look forward to.


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