27 May 2010

Working on patience

It seems like the one constant in this IF journey is the need to be patient.  Every cycle – if you’re trying, you wait to ovulate, and then you end up waiting to test, or waiting for AF to show.  Then there’s all the other waiting.  You make an appointment with the doctor, and wait for the appointment, you wait for your HSG, and then you wait for the results.  You wait (and abstain) for a SA, and then – even if you get the results quickly, you wait for someone to tell you that it’s not as bad as it looks…  but it is.  Then you wait to see another doctor.

Can you tell we’ve been doing a lot of waiting?  Right now I’m waiting for our appointment to see the RE next week.  I can’t help but hope that it won’t be as bad as we think it will be.  With our luck, it will be.  We got the clinic’s estimate of our insurance coverage in the mail on Tuesday and just as I thought.  No coverage for me (Payment is due at the time of service), and for Jakobe, testing only.  I’m pretty sure that means that they’ll pay for the SAs from here on out.  It will help, just a little.

In the meanwhile, we wait.


  1. Do you ever just get so unbelievably sick of waiting?? I know I am. Especially when the waiting isn't being used for anything productive.

  2. WE had to pay out of pocket too. It sucks but at least you will be getting some answers.

    Thanks for stopping by and if you are still confused about anything just ask and I will help ya.



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