26 May 2010


Last night, I dreamed a positive pregnancy test.  I’ve never done that before.  I just kept looking at it, disbelieving. It was kind of dark when I was looking at it, but there was very definitely a second line. 

I've been struggling all day with what else I can say about this, but I can’t even really determine how I feel about it.  I want to have hope.  I want to believe in miracles.part of me thinks that it would be the height of irony to get a completely random, unexpected BFP in the week before we see the RE.  

It's not gonna happen.  But I still want to hope.


  1. Isn't that hard? I dream about seeing a positive pregnancy test at least once a week so it doesn't hit me as hard anymore. I think there is nothing wrong with staying positive. On the other hand I think it is necessary and at times healthy to confront your worst fears. Good luck!! I was also hoping I would fall pregnant the last month before our RE visit. I hope it happens for you.

  2. You really never know!! It as a great dream and I think it's filed with hope that it will happen one day. You remain in my thoughts.


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