17 May 2010

No explosions.

I worried for nothing.

Our conversation with my in-laws went very well, so that’s a great weight off my shoulders. That and I just generally feel much better when I’m not keeping things from people.  It may have helped that we asked them to sit down before we told them – so they were relieved that it wasn’t something worse.  There were a lot of random suggestions – but nothing pushy.  It was more of a subject of conversation when Jakobe wasn’t around, but it never got to be more than was reasonable.  She *is* sending Jakobe the card/medallion thing and she suggested that he wear it on a chain around his neck – but that got vetoed, and that’s perfectly okay with me.

A lot more of the: “You know we love you, even if you don’t have children,” comments, but they’ve been a fixture from the beginning, so they don’t drive me anywhere near as nuts.  I think because we didn’t talk about the specific details:  we discussed Jakobe’s “Swimmers that don’t swim” (his words) but not about the retrograde/minimal/anejaculation thing.  Too much detail for the ‘rents.  Jakobe just said that there was a change around when he started the Lisinopril for his Diabetes.  So – it’s a point of hope.  And – like us – Jeri grasped onto that hope for all she was worth.   

I wish I really thought that it was going to make a difference.  I’m feeling pretty pessimistic about it.  I think that it’ll probably help several other things that went wrong at the same time, but I worry that the minimal ejaculate will go away but we’ll still have super crappy sperm, just more of them.


  1. I am really glad the talk went well. I've been wondering. Maybe this bodes well? Good sign?

  2. I'm glad things went so well! That is always a relief.

  3. I'm glad that your conversation went well. Even if she is sending him the medallion, at least he was able to veto wearing it so prominently.

    I'm curious if Dave started any other meds around the same time. Lisinopril is primarily for hypertension, and it can definitely have side effects on libido, ejaculation, etc. There are so many other meds for hypertension out there that might not have the same problems.

    Just holding onto hope for you!

  4. I'm glad that they were supportive and didn't say anything stupid to make you both feel badly! One small step at a time ...

  5. I'm glad the talk went well. We are going to tell our parents this week, and I'm so nervous.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog. I am your newest follower.


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