08 March 2011

Time for a change?

Just wondering - Is it time for me to consider a blog redesign/overhaul.  I've tried changing things up in my life recently - I dyed my hair.  Okay - I admit to being risk averse, and only using semi-permanent dye, but still..I did something.

What?  I should have tried dying my hair green?  It *is* my favorite color.

Anyway - A blog overhaul would be a great opportunity for me to play in Photoshop for a bit, and I certainly enjoy that.  Besides, for the next couple of weeks, I have some time.  I took my first final of the quarter tonight, and then I have only one next week, and then it's spring break!  Yay - more time to get totally crazy and maybe go to bed at 11:30 9:15.

Jakobe would probably like it too, since according to him I'm unpredictable and hormonal.


  1. Blog make-over sounds fun :) I might get around to that one day. Looking forward to seeing the new look xo

  2. LOVE it!
    I have never done anything with my hair, I'm such a conservative fuddy dutty when it comes to my hair. BUT I was fantasizing about coloring it just this past weekend. I am thinking with red highlights! I also got a manicure with black nails! It feels so much fun, and like I am totally stylish and pulling it off :)

    New blog design is a great project. I can't wait to see what you come up with :)

  3. Do it!!! Overhauls are so much fun, and a good way to make a change :) Enjoy Spring Break!

  4. New blog design ?? Go for it !! I'm sure you will come up with something nice.


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