31 March 2011

The Night Before

I always have trouble sleeping the night before I take on a project, or do something brand new, or when I'm anticipating something.  Tonight is going to be one of those nights - tomorrow is my first appointment in our IVF cycle, so tonight - I'm going to sleep poorly.

I had a lot of comments about our meds and supplements.  Very little of what we're taking was doctor recommended, the prescription drugs, and the niacin (to help with poor cholesterol ratios...)  Other than that - it's all me - trying to control the uncontrollable.

I've been trying for an earlier bedtime, so now I'm going to go take my pile of pills, listen to my Circle+Bloom, and try to sleep.  Wish me luck, and I'll let you know what I know when I know it.


  1. I hope you get great news at your appointment. I also have a hard time sleeping before big things in my life. I hope you were able to get some rest.

  2. With you on trying to control the uncontrollable... hope you get an OK night's sleep and thinking of you tomorrow :)) Love always xoxo

  3. I had THE most bizarre dreams last night, in anticipation of our news today. I dreamt about not being able to sleep, and meeting Bestie at a bar at 3am to talk, then being overly emotional the next day. All the anxiety just went straight into my dreams.

    I'm a day late, but it sounds like your appt went really well. May the string of good news continue!


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