03 March 2011


Foxy isn't the only one to be experiencing some fatigue.  I don't know whether it's the BCP or if it's weaning myself off of my "Happy Pills" but I'm so tired.  So tired that it makes me afraid of what might happen to my energy level throughout the rest of this process.  I admit that part of it probably has to do with just getting over being sick... but still.  Where did my energy and enthusiasm go?
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  1. I hear you on the dragging and that mustache photo is hilarious.

  2. Sucks to read that you are feeling so tired. KerriK also says that she is feeling exhausted. I kind of wonder if it is our bodies preparing for what is ahead combined with a release of tension that has been building up waiting for this cycle for so so long. Who know, I just hope that you are able to indulge in the lazy and let your sweet body know that you're gonna take good care of it.

    I took my final BCP on thursday and am hoping that the exhaustion was a side effect of the pill.

    much love to you!

  3. Hey Jenni,
    I just saw Foxy's comment, and yes I have also been feeling unusually tired and weak. I finished my BCPs on Friday, and I'm hopeful things will start getting better, but then again Lurpon can have a similar effect.
    I think all we can do is try and sleep/relax as much as possible and indulge our bodies during this time.

    Take care of yourself, and best of luck to you for a successful IVF cycle!


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