06 March 2011

Out of place

This may sound strange, but I'm worried and feeling out of place with my support group.  The group here, has 2 meetings a month - one for those trying for their first, and one for after infertility/Secondary infertility/general infertility.  I try to go to both meetings every month because I've found that they really help me.

Here's my dilemma:  I feel a little bit strange about the primary infertility group right now.  Mostly because it seems like everyone else is in a holding pattern.  Admittedly - I was in a holding pattern too for the last several months - but now I'm actively doing something.  I want the support while I'm going through the process (especially because I'm vacillating between hope and cynicism.)  but at the same time, I don't want them to feel worse because I'm actually doing something right now.  I'm not sure that even makes sense...  Anyway, I care about all of those women, and I don't want to make anything harder for them.  at the same time, I really want to share - because I know that others are looking at going through something similar.

How do I walk along the fine line of getting enough support for myself, while making sure that I'm supporting and not hurting the other members of the group?  This month isn't so bad...  it's still all anticipation - the only thing I will have to show for myself is the birth control pill.  Next month tho:  the primary meeting will be in the middle of stims - or right about retrieval, and the other meeting during the 2WW.

Thinking about it - that's probably the best setup.  But it also means that the first meeting after my beta will be with the primary infertility group.

In other news:  Still tired.  Waiting impatiently for my calendar and prescriptions so that I can get all of that taken care of.  Been to the gym both days this weekend...  and trying to eat better.  (eating better is being sabotaged by my love affair with hollandaise sauce - it's definitely food of the gods, and having learned to make it from scratch, it's even better) but I'll be leaving you with a picture of yumminess that isn't the evil sauce.

Strawberries tossed with a touch of agave nectar.


  1. Noticed on Cycle Sistas that you're cycling this month... me too :) Best of luck with your cycle and looking forward to sharing it with you xoxo

  2. You take the most awesome pictures!

    It is great that you have such a great support group, and it must be hard to navigate the transition from holding stage to treatment to sharing the results. How do others seem to handle it?

    I am starting this group here, and the first meeting will be right before my ER, the second meeting will be after my beta... If my ivf is successful, do I have to stop leading the group? I figure I'll just play it be ear.

    ps- I am feeling so much better after stopping the bcp. only slept 8.5 hours last night and able to work full days again. I hope that things perk up for you soon.


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