19 March 2011

I have a Calendar!!!

That means that I can now post the tentative schedule for all of you.  I can also post the complete list of meds that I expect to be taking.

So, the schedule:

  • Friday, 1 April - Labs - Last BCP
    • Note: Expect Period
  • Wednesday, 6 April - Ultrasound and Labs - Jakobe start Doxycycline
  • Saturday, 9 April - Ultrasound and Labs 
  • Monday, 11 April - Ultrasound and Labs (am I sensing a pattern here????)
  • Wednesday, 13 April - Ultrasound and Labs (maybe I am)
  • Friday, 15 April - Ultrasound and Labs - Possible Trigger.  
    • Note: have intercourse with condom.  If I remember correctly a condom isn't very fun to have sex with - it's all wrinkly and squishy, and wet, and floppy - can I have intercourse with Jakobe instead? 
    • 2nd Note: This day is an estimate, based on response it may be a day earlier or later.
  • Saturday, 16 April - Ultrasound and Labs
    • Note: No Medications
  • Sunday 17 April - Possible Retrieval Day
    • Note: Start PIO and Medrol
  • Friday, 22 April - Possible day 5 Transfer
    • Note: continue PIO until instructed to stop
  • Saturday, 23 April - If no Day 5 Transfer - FREEZE ALL
    • Note:  If freeze all, stop all medications.  Call with period
  • Wednesday, 27 April - Labs
    • Note: Checking Estrogen and Progesterone levels
  • Sunday, 1 May - Labs
    • Note:  PREGNANCY TEST!
    • 2nd Note: If positive, repeat in 2 days.  Order progesterone refill.
General Notes:  
  1. Remember that this calendar may change depending on your stimulation progress
  2. If you haven't been called with medications instructions by 6pm, call the office
And now for the Medication List:

I don't have any amounts yet, just a list of which medications I will be taking.
  • Ganirelix 3 pre-filled syringes (1 refill)
  • Follistim Cartridges (7 with 1 refill and a pen)
  • HCG 10,000 IU Vial - IM
  • Low dose HCG 10iu/.1cc 1 (1 refill)
  • Medrol
  • Progesterone in Oil 50mg/ml (2 vials)
Total cost for Medications is currently estimated to be around $2,660.


  1. You have a calendar!!! Here we go!

    I am also super impressed with the cost of your meeds... We paid about twice that. I need to update our costs for this IVF cycle on my blog. Maybe that will be a good project for tomorrow.

  2. Yay for having a calendar! We will be on a similar calendar - just off a few days! Hope this cycle works for you!

  3. What a calendar !! Great to have all those dates set out and everything organised :)) All my thoughts are with you for this cycle... here all the way xoxo

  4. Congrats on getting your calendar. I remember how exciting that was. My clinic wasn't quite as specific with all the dates, you are luck to have all that so mapped out!

  5. I will be posting my schedule later today but our timelines are so similar! I'm getting more excited as I get closer to actually 'doing' something. I wish you nothing but positive results!

  6. What a great step in the process! It seems like the calendar makes it all real! Please keep posting-it seems to be the only way I learn what's in store for us. Our 1st IVF try is April/May.


  7. Stopping over from ICLW from #63 & #153. Congrats on the calendar for your IVF! I'm curious about why they want to do a freeze all? Its great to finally have a plan, huh? Best wishes.

  8. Hello there! I'm happy for your calendar, it gives some structure to a really chaotic process. I'm crossing fingers, toes, and everything that everything goes well! :-)

    Happy ICLW!

  9. @Tippy

    The reason for the freeze all is that my clinic will only do transfers if you have an expanded blast on day 5. if it's not quite expanded on day 5, then thy give it an additional day to expand, and then freeze it so that it can be introduced into a day 5 endometrium on a later cycle.

  10. If I am repeating myself forgive me because I could have sworn I'd already commented about the fact that we are cycle buddies, but now I can't find the post. So anyway, it looks like our cycles will be very close together! Look forward to following this road with you!


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