28 March 2011

Beads and Bitchiness

I think Jakobe deserves a medal, not just for putting up with me right now, but for the fact that somehow he managed to fall in love with me while I was on the pill.  I think that the only thing take saved me was the whole new love thing - which makes everyone happy and sappy, because let me tell you, the pill makes me the most crazy bitch on the planet.  I'm all over the place, and I have almost no control. 

It's like without the pill, sometimes I get a fairly mild bout of PMS - with the pill, I get full on, holy shit, did you see her head turn around, and there goes the split pea soup PMS.  

We're in the middle of it right now, and it's longer and more drawn out, because my body has been trying to have a period since Friday, and so I've been a nut-job since before then.  It's not even like we get much of a break, because Aunt Flo is going to keep yelling through the chain on the door until I'm allowed to let her in this weekend, and then - I only have a couple of days until I start stims.  May the gods help us.  

As a result, we spent most of the weekend apart doing our own separate things, somehow I can manage to be civil with other people, but Jakobe gets the brunt of the abuse.  So I went to my sister's on Saturday, and took my nephew out to be spoiled (ice cream).  I also told her that we would be finding out if the IVF worked right at the beginning of May, and that if it did, she's probably be hearing from me, and if it didn't I'd probably rather she didn't call to ask.  Seems kind of blunt, but I think I needed to be specific.
Sunday morning I want to a class on beginning lampwork bead-making.  I had an absolute blast, and I made several cool beads.  I thought I'd share them with you all.  I'm pretty damn sure that I'm hooked, and that I'm going to have to buy myself some supplies so that I can work on more beads.  This was an SCA based class, so I also reinforced some good info about which beads and types of beads would have been appropriate to my persona.  Now all I have to do is find out what's appropriate for Jakobe, oh, and buy some tools.

All of the beads that I made while in class
My one and only barrel bead, and with layered dots even!
Practicing dots more,  I wish that I had made more
 beads in this green color, I really really like it.


  1. Love the beads! Makes me wish I could take up some craft hobby. And the pill is also not being nice to me so I totally feel your pain. I'm also reminded after 2 years of how the pill actually "works": by making you not want to GYFO! :) Hang in there girl! Can't wait to follow you on your next cycle

  2. Gorgeous beads... what a lovely hobby :) Sorry that you're feeling so ill on the pill... I hate being on the pill too :( Thinking of you xoxo

  3. The beads are cool!
    As for the PMS...I am right there with you. Mine comes more in the form of weepiness though and wearing my heart on my sleeve. I have one more pill to go-tomorrow. Then I start stims on Sunday. I think I need to put out an ad in my local paper warning people to stay away from the crazy woman!

  4. Sorry about the PMS madness, but the beads are lovely.


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