21 March 2011

Insurance Sucks!

 And Yeah, we knew that already.

Today has been spent fighting my way through prescription coverage hoops to try and get them to pay for anything - starting with my second pack of BCPs.

Last month, when I first filled my order for BCPs, they had a problem filling it, an told me that they thought that I might have difficulty when it came to filling the second one - because they're continuous and skipping the sugar pills.  So, last month, I called my insurance and was assured that there would be no problems, all the pharmacy had to do was call the phone number that popped up on their screen, and it would be approved.  Fast forward to yesterday, when it was denied for being refilled too soon.  I just paid cash, and said I'd deal with it today.  

This morning - I called my insurance, and had them figure out what the problem was, called the pharmacy and had them call the insurance, and finally got it all worked out - I can go pick up a refund on my way home tonight.

Then the Walgreen's specialty pharmacy called - Their system showed that my coverage was cancelled last month - and that I no longer had prescription coverage.  So again with the back and forth and calling the insurance (and Yes, I know that I don't have any coverage for fertility meds - but the pharmacy still wanted to try...) who said that I showed up that way because I didn't have fertility coverage - Not sure why they just didn't deny it.  Which in the end is what happened about half an hour later.  

So now - I'm waiting to see if I can get a paper scrip for my antibiotics (because if I take it to a local pharmacy, it should get covered) and my injectable meds have been ordered and should be delivered Friday.

Finally:  Welcome to everyone visiting from ICLW.  I'm happy to have you, and I'm looking forward to a great week.  As you can tell Jakobe and I are very very close to embarking on our first (and hopefully successful) IVF cycle.  We're excited, scared and all of those other emotions you care to imagine all rolled up into one.  This week will also include our injections class, and the delivery of our meds.  So look forward to the "Money Shot" on Friday or Saturday.


  1. How frustrating... there's enough to deal with emotionally without dealing with insurance. Sorry that you have to go through all of that as well. Thank you for your gorgeous comments on my blog xoxo

  2. I work at a hospital and I can understand what you are dealing with as far as the insurance goes. They are real slicksters when it comes time to pay for their clients. Glad you got it all straightened out with them.

    Regarding Lupron, so far no real bad side effects. Just a little cramping, fatigue and a bit of bloating.

  3. Dear Jenni,

    Good luck in your IVF. I will be looking for updates!


  4. Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog. I can tell you that IVF with ICSI DOES indeed work. I will be hoping that you have beginners luck with IVF and that I will be reading about your BFP very soon.

    Happy ICLW


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