11 March 2011

14 Days until class

Not too much going on here.  I'm waiting to receive my calendar and prescriptions in the mail - and they haven't come yet.  The only step I've taking in the IVF process so far is that We've scheduled our Injection Class - it seems that they want the class as close as possible to when injections start so that there aren't any questions...So, Our class in on Friday the 25th.  Getting closer every day.

BCPs and life are still making me tired, hormonal and cranky.  I feel for Jakobe, but at the same time, I can't seem to help myself, So it is what it is.

On a fun note, one of my best friends came over tonight and we planned a renovation for my patio.  Believe me, if you could see it right now, it's gross - and not only because it's yucky end of winter, the snow just melted again for a day or two and there's dog poop everywhere...  it's yuckier than that.

So without further Ado...  Here's the new patio plan:

The two hashed areas are where we will be digging out awful weed-beds and replacing them with poured concrete - to give us a better seating area, and to make it more inviting and less awkward.  Now we'll just see if I actually get it done - If I do - I'll be sure to post before and after pictures...


  1. a Patio project! I like it. We are working on the planning stages of a minor remodel to turn an extra bedroom into a private rental studio. it is nice to have something to think about and work on.

    I had no idea that birth control would have such awful side effects. It basically left me disabled. I guess the one upside is that I'll never have to worry about taking it again!!! haha (with the exception of ivf, if we do that again.)

    This month feels like it is flying by - you're class well be here in no time!

  2. Good luck with the class and with the remodel! WIth warm weather right around the corner is is important to have a good space to hang outside!

  3. Looks great. I wish we had a patio. Actually, at this point I just wish we had an apartment. We are moving in July, and I haven't even started seeing places yet which always makes me nervous.

    Best of luck with the class. The injections are not really so bad...really. The scariest part is just getting through the first one.


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