17 March 2011


I actually have News....  It's amazing.  My nurse, Debbie, called me this afternoon because she noticed that we hadn't talked to the doctor since our appointment in June.  Apparently, a lot of changes happened around that time and she wanted to be sure that we understood what those changes meant.

The gist:

  1. The doctor now only does Day 5 transfers.  
    1. If nothing makes it to Day 5 - no transfer.
    2. IF the blasts haven't expanded on day 5 and he wants to wait until day 6 - No transfer
    3. I asked about what percentage of patients got to have a transfer on Day 5 - About 50%
  2. They're now using vitrification.  This I knew, but it was nice to hear.
Also, things I learned.  I will be on an antagonist protocol with Follistim and Ganirelix.  This is the time when I want to jump up and down and say "Yay, no Lupron!!!"  Lupron and I have a storied past, and I still deal with a couple of side effects from when I was on it 10 years ago.  The pharmacy should be calling me within a couple of days to arrange to send me my drugs.  (She also made sure to remind me that they cost a couple of thousand dollars so I probably don't want them sitting on my porch in 31 degree weather)

She'll be mailing me my calendar either today or tomorrow so that I can have it before the injection class, and because I think she can tell that I'm one hell of an impatient bitch woman.  In any case.  Baby steps closer, but still closer.  I know when my first couple of appointments are going to be.

  • 1 April - first blood draw and Ultrasound, also the day I should be stopping BCPs (this can't come soon enough, especially for Jakobe)
  • 6 April - first check, this should also be the day that I start stims, assuming everything else goes according to plan.
It's good to have an idea where I'm headed.  I suppose now I have to talk to work again (I'm thinking next week) because I still don't know if they're going to be doing something with my schedule or not.  Good going work.

I tried to tell Jakobe what was going on, and to get him to evidence at least some of the excitement that I feel (and that he so easily expresses about star wars books, and WoW, and just about anything that doesn't involve me - sorry, crabby bitchy moment there - I'm irritated because he told me he was too tired to process what I was trying to tell him, but at the same time, he's now totally involved and gung ho about playing WoW with his friends.  Cue approach of hormonal tears, that will not be shed.)

In any case.  I'm excited to be moving forward.  I just wish that I felt like Jakobe cared.

Quick Notes:  Today was the last day of the quarter, so now I'm officially on spring break.  This is an awesome thing, and may actually mean that I get to spend more time at the gym - which we have actually been going to.

I'll post the calendar when it comes in (I may even scan it in to share).

Mommy-in-waiting and Definitely-TTC got their BFP!  I am so excited and happy for them, and I have to say that her positivity these past couple of months has really been an inspiration.


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you're not having to take Lupron!

    Hmm..you gave me a lot to think about...I guess I'm dumb...I was excited that my clinic does
    "mostly 5 day transfers" but I wasn't thinking that duh, if your embryos don't end up developing well that probably means there is NOTHING to transfer.

  2. @Marianne From what I understand, waiting is another way of narrowing down your choice of embryos to ones that are more likely to result in pregnancy. We'll see. I think I'll be really upset if it gets cancelled, but at least the new plan has the retrievals and transfers separated, so I don't really lose anything if it does (unless of course, I've got nothing)

  3. I'm so excited that you are finally getting to move forward! Sending lots of positive thoughts your way!

  4. Glad to hear things are moving along, I know how frustrating it is to be waiting around for things to happen.

    BTW, my clinic has the exactly the same protocol, they only do day 5 transfers.

    Not long to go now! Best of luck. Kim.

  5. So exciting! Men don't seem to understand how exciting it is to have a plan and a calendar in hand. We see it as a map to the treasure. I think they see it as just a piece of paper. They seem to just want to get to the end result and couldn't care less about the steps it takes to get there. That's just how I rationalize my husband's lack of enthusiasm anyway. I will have my calendar today and will be starting bcp tomorrow. I'm very excited but the husband seems like he could take it or leave it at this point. You aren't alone in your feelings. I hope this is your time!!!

  6. Great to hear some good news... with you about Lupron ! Exciting to be moving forward and have a plan. Thinking of you from far away and keeping my FX'd for you xoxo


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