13 June 2010

This weekend

I'm sitting here on the couch in the living room, almost to tired to think, but I figured I owed all of  you a bit of an update.  I'll share more about the laundry room renovation later, probably when it's done and we've got some after shots to go with the before in a in progress shots that I took this weekend.  Suffice to say we tore down and out several shelving units and in the end took about 850 lbs of stuff to the waste-to-energy plant.

The counseling session went well.  I think we were both able to say things while we were there that we haven't really been able to say directly to each other.  We go back next Sunday.  I know that we were scheduled for an hour this weekend - and we were there for two hours.  Lots of talking.  No crying, and then when we were done we've decided to table a lot of the hard stuff until next weekend.  We don't want to chance fighting about it, and it's still pretty raw.

I learned that even asking Jakobe to keep an open mind about changing his mind on DS is stressing him out.  It's off the table.  I won't ask him to think about it, and I won't ask him to do it.  It's not worth the pain and anxiety it's causing him.  I'm not sure he fully realized that I meant it 100% when I said it yesterday, but I do.  I won't tear him apart over it, it's not fair.

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