17 June 2010

The Poop Monster

My dog is a sweetheart, great with kids, loving, and absolutely adorable.

She is also a poop monster.  We can take her for a walk, and she'll stop 3 different times.  When she stops you can't believe what comes out of her.  The piles look like they came out of a Great Dane - or a big hairy fat man.  The dog can poop.

It gets worse, because after I get home from work, I let her out of the crate and take her outside, Where she poops, just like a good dog.  Then, only an hour later, she comes and pokes me with her nose.  And - I'm busy, in the middle of something, and besides - she only went out an hour ago - she can't have to go already.  (Very, very false logic on my part).

What does the dog do?
She poops. 
 In the house.  
On my hardwood.

 And then she goes to the door and spins in circles, asking to go out.

1 comment:

  1. Holy shit! What are you feeding your dog?

    Mine fancy deer shit, they forage for it behind my house.


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