12 June 2010


There were two,
breaking a path.

There were two,
in the brambles.

There were two,
walking together.

There were two.



This really isn't a comment on where we are, or how our counseling session went, I'll likely fill you in later, when we're not remodeling the basement on the spur of the moment...  I wrote this last night, and it's more what I fear than what is.


  1. Oh Jenny, fears are always worse than reality. Update soon. Fran

  2. Those fears are nasty little parasites, aren't they.

    I have to laugh a little when you say that you are doing some spur of the moment remodeling. Our house has never been more clean and organized. There is something very comforting about controlling the things that we can in our environment when everything else feels out of control. I hope it is a therapeutic for you as it has been for us.

  3. Jenni - I just read thru your whole blog. You are one amazing gal. and I feel very lucky to get to meet you and walk with you on this journey. Just wanted to let you know that.

    btw - I haven't figured out how to know if you leave a follow up comment to any of my comments, so please let me know over at my place if you have any follow up comments.

    I'm off to take walk to our farmers market to buy some more sweet peas. If you lived nearby, I'd drop off a bunch at your house to sweeten you day too.


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