10 July 2010

The Plan

I know - Sounds so good, but I'm really still in limbo, but it's about time I took charge of those things that I *can* control, so that's what I'm doing.  I guess you can say that I've already started some of this (like the chores list to keep the house up) but all the same - I think it's time for a coherent plan.

  1. Actually exercise (and yes - going for a walk with Jakobe after dinner does count,  and so does energetic *Mmmph*)  I actually miss exercise.  I did triathlons in the none too distant past , and even though I was the epitome of the "Slow Fat, Triathlete" it was a blast, and I felt good both physically and about myself when I was doing it.
  2. Keep a neat House.  This is where the chore list comes in, and we've been using it since Monday - so far it's working out well, although I feel bad, because I feel like Jakobe's been getting a lot more done than me.  I feel like we've got a week or two to play catch-up before we can reasonably be expected to do each day's list all at once, because I wrote it as a maintenance list, and not a "Holy shit, the house is out of control and we have to fix it" list.
  3. Lose weight.  Somehow or another(we will not mention cheesecake, chocolates, cookies, or any of the other things I knew better than to eat, but consumed anyway), in the last couple of weeks I put back on 5-10 of the 30 lbs I lost last year, and I still needed to lose more, so that's definitely going in the wrong direction.  If we go the IVF route, it would be nice to lose some more of this extra weight before starting.  Jakobe needs to lose some too - We know because his endocrinologist yelled at him for putting on wight after he figured out how to eat potato chips again.
  4. Get back to actually tracking our spending.  When I track - We usually spend less money.  In addition - we've got some outlays coming up, ophthalmologists, sheet-rock, whatever.
So - here's where you all come it to this - I think I should be keeping myself accountable by posting my progress on the plan as it occurs.  Maybe a weekly check in?  

In other news:

Jakobe applied for a different position where he works - less talking to brainless people on the phone, and more data entry.  I think that his employer thinks that it's a higher stress job, but we think the opposite.  Plus - it's a significant raise, which is all to the good.  The bad news - If he gets the job, then he can't go on vacation the week after his birthday, and we won't even know if he's really in the running until it's too late to cancel the condo...  So.  The backup plan for vacation is that I take my youngest sister with me for a week at the ocean, and he stays home and does the training for the new job.  Not ideal, but he'd be really pissed if we cancelled the condo, and then he didn't get the job.  As much as I really want him to be able to go on vacation with me - I hope he gets the job more - because I think he'll be a happier person in general.  I guess he'll go an vacation without me later.


  1. I like your plan and the idea of a weekly check in. Go for it! Sorry about the condo, but I do think the new position is a good idea.

  2. Sounds like a great plan! It's all about controlling what you can. Good luck!

  3. I think your plan sounds great! Everytime I try to make a plan for maintaining a clean house, both of us always fall through. So I think finding some sort of reward or accountability would be good!
    I hope your DH gets the job he wants! It's true, some people feel less stressed if they're dealing with data and not people- it all depends on personalities


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