29 July 2010

Little Swimmers

Nope - not what you're thinking.  This is me venting at all of you - just a little bit.  Jakobe and I got an e-mail from his mother the other morning, that just had to have it's own post, because it's that special.  (Note: when we told them about our infertility, we specifically asked that they support us, but that we were dealing with it in our own way, and that advice, recommendations, etc. are not what we want - We have Doctor's for that,  so please don't.)

In any case - this is what was waiting in our email in-boxes this morning:

One of my little swimmers, Ava, is just turning 3 years old.  Her mom is looking to get pregs again and tells me that Ava was conceived IVO because hubby is a diabetic and took an ACE inhibitor to "protect" his kidneys.  He thus developed fertility issues.  Almost All of their fertility costs have been paid by that pharmaceutical company.  They said that the State of Hawaii insisted the manufacturer paid.  She is trying to find out if the same laws are on the books here in Washington -- however, they are applying to the manufacturer again for the costs of baby #2. 
Since I had not heard of this before, I thought to share her info as it might be a source of funding for you too.
I just don't know what to do with this.  Her heart is in the right place, but at the same time, I'm worried that it's the beginning of the deluge.  She's not very good at respecting boundaries.


  1. How would you feel about thanking her but letting her know again, that you are not looking for unsollicted advice? You wanna nip it in the bud before the deluge, right?

  2. oh crappy. We get well intentioned yet totally inappropriate messages from my MIL like that every so often. It has been easy for me to brush them off so far, but I can see that they really hurt my husband. I wish that there was a respectful, yet effective way to really put a stop to all that crap.

    I feel for you, but have nothing to suggest. If you come up with something that works, please let us know!


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