23 July 2010

Photo Friday: Unplug

Nope, no electrical appliances, and no pictures of me at the beach.  Instead These are from a find on our camping trip last weekend.  This house was about as unplugged as it could get!

I had to make this black and white - it just called for it.  Anyway, the inside of the house was a
complete shambles.  The outside wasn't much better, but it was a heck of a lot prettier,
There were little white flowers everywhere, I stepped in a thistle, and there was rhubarb
growing right under the windows.  At some point the house was two stories, or at
least had a loft. 

Flowers and a VW full of bullet holes and rust.  What a combo.
What made them abandon it?  Did they hit a wall, and it was just too much? Were they unprepared for what they were getting into?  Did they suffer some sort of unforeseen calamity?

Anyway, go visit the others here.


  1. just awesome~!!! wow love it! :)

  2. They're all great but I love the VW and flower!


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