13 July 2010


I've had several posts running around my brain, kind-of unformed and diaphanous, so I'm going to try seeing if just getting off my ass (or sitting down) and writing something out helps me create coherent thoughts.

I went fishing with my sisters on Saturday night while Jakobe played Dawn of War in the man-cave with the guys.  It was a great evening for me.  I forget how much I actually like fishing, how relaxing it is to cast my line into the river over and over, and to reel it back in.  The fish were jumping, and they were gorgeous.  I could see the flashes of silver and pink as they flew over the water before splashing back in.  I didn't catch anything, and I didn't even get a good bite.  It wasn't a problem though, because the fishing was worth it, and paying for a one day fishing license for only 2 hours was also worth it.

While I was out there, I wanted to catch a fish, and I spent my time actively trying to catch a fish.  I could see them jumping right in front of me, teasing me, and I knew that I just didn't have the right tools to catch the fish that were out there, but I kept trying anyway.  I tried while the people I came with caught several fish.  I never really gave up hope, and tried several different techniques, but I had no luck.  I had a blast. I didn't care that I hadn't caught any fish, because I had fun trying.

There's a lesson in that for me.  I need to remember to enjoy the journey.  Infertility and family building are like fishing - you're going to spend a fair amount of money and time, and who knows if you're going to have any success while you're at it, but you have to remember to enjoy the time you spend living, because none of it is wasted.


  1. Oh man that is a lesson for all of us. I have to admit that most days I don't enjoy the process AT ALL...it is one of those things that I know I will enjoy in retrospect if I ever have a baby in my arms..but to be able to enjoy it if I NEVER have a baby? I am not sure I will be able to. What a cool experience. Maybe I should go fishing soon..:)

  2. What a great perspective. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow what a beautiful analogy! And this post made me want to go fishing after a long time (even though I suck at it too- I can't even bait my own hook lol!)

  4. I cannot believe you just got me to fall HOOK, LINE, AND SINKER for a fishing analogy. And it really was perfect. Thank you.

  5. Perfect analogy.

    I added you to my blogroll and Google Reader. Look forward to reading more.
    liddy @ the unfair struggle


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