03 February 2010

I will not cry.

I was right about getting my hopes up.  The crash hurts a lot worse this way.  In today's news:  I'm not pregnant, again.  What a shock.

I guess it's like playing 5 card stud, when your first three cards are a 2 of spades, 6 of Hearts, and a 8 of clubs - you're screwed.  That's how I feel like we're doing.  I've got endometriosis, and possible poor ovulation, and Jakobe has at least some retrograde ejaculation.  But we just keep trying.  Hoping that next time we'll get a hand we can play.

So, my sore boobs can stick it in their ear, and in a day or two after my period actually starts, I'll stop feeling sorry for myself, and be ready to try again, with some sort of new plan.  Maybe Jakobe's SA will tell us something else we don't want to know, or maybe, just possibly, nothing else is wrong.  I've got Metformin, and maybe another laparoscopy that I can do, and apparently from research I was doing yesterday, we can solve the RE problem with sudafed for Jakobe.  We're not without hope, or a plan.  Plus - I guess this gives us a little more time to increase our savings, and me more child free time to finish school.  It's just not what I want.

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