05 February 2010

Sleepless Night

So, last night was almost entirely sleepless...  Sasha, our dog, had gotten into and eaten an entire 2 pound bag of Hip and Joint Dog Treats.  It upset her tummy greatly, and ended in her whining nonstop all night.  After and hour or an hour and a half, I snuck out to the living room to try and sleep, because Jakobe was sleeping right through it.  Well, as soon as I left, he stopped sleeping, and was very very grumpy by 4 am.  So, I was sleeping poorly on the couch, and he was sleeping not at all in the bedroom.  At 4, I want back and cuddled Sasha so Jakobe could sleep at least until 6:30 or 7 when we had to get up.  It was better than nothing.


  1. Hope the pup is getting better. I have been up like that with our dog many times and my hubby always seems to sleep through it :)

  2. She was all better by later that day. Just a passing thing. I can't stop her from eating almost anything remotely edible. She tried to eat a bag of Splenda once!


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