08 February 2010

Test Anxiety

And, it's not even me who's taking the test.  I'm getting very nervous about Jakobe's SA on Wednesday.  As I told him last night, it's not so much that I'm afraid of what the results will be, but more of what his reaction to a poor result might be. He tries to take the blame for everything anyway, and even though we already know that I have problems, he feels responsible because he hasn't been able to "give" me a baby.  In response, I'm feeling guilty  for even asking him to get the SA.  I feel like it will be my fault if he's upset by it, because I'm the one who asked him to do it. 

On my side of things, I still don't have a recommendation from my doctor for a different doctor.  And, I expect I won't be able to get an appointment right away when she finally gives me one, so we're looking at a couple of months of just doing what we have been doing.  I did call my old doctor's office and they mailed my records today.  Hopefully the US Postal Service can get them to Spokane pretty quickly.

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