15 February 2010

Falling to earth with a thud

It's been a rough coule of days, on the positive side, it was our annual trip to Radcon, a science fiction adn fantasy cnvention, which thankfully kept us busy and somewhet kept our minds off of the bad news of last week.

Friday we got the final results from Jakobe's SA - and it was not good.  So not good, that we're not sure that there is anything that we can do.  It's hard to accept.  For both of us.  The other thing that is hard is that we react in very different ways.  Part of me wants to find out as much information as possible, so that we can know what our options are, and can make longer term plans.  His reaction is that he doesn't want to deal with it or do anything right now.  He doesn't want to go to the doctor, he doesn't even want to consider a trip to the doctor for a couple of months. 

I want to be supportive, and I want to be understanding, I'm just also angry with him.  He says that he feels poked and prodded, but all he's done is give a sperm sample.  So I guess I feel like it's not important to him, or at least not important enough to do anything, or experience discomfort, or even to try and get someone who actually know how to interpret the SA results to tell us what the problem mght be.

So here we are, and I'm feeling like my dreams are fairly pointless.  Now I guess I wait for the hope to come back...

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  1. Getting our SA results was probably the worst day ever. I say things like, "Our world quit spinning" and "our life changed forever in that moment" but those words don't even begin to describe the trauma. I am so sorry that you had to experience this, and are now on this journey.


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