30 March 2010

Enforced Mini-Vacation

Near the end of last week, Jakobe told me that I needed a break.  I wasn't sleeping, I felt tired all the time, and I was too stressed out.  But, saying that he told me I needed a break is an understatement.  He told me I was going to take two days off of work, and if I didn't he was going to steal my car keys, and call in sick for me.

It was exactly what I needed.  I took Friday and Monday off, and spent the weekend, not working, not reading message boards, or email, and not blogging.  It was very good for me.

Not to say that there weren't dark moments, Like having lunch with Jakobe at his office on Friday, and the woman in the next cubicle trying to pick out baby names loud enough for us to hear. Oops.  Or Friday afternoon when I went off on a cleaning binge, and realized that my entire refrigerator  was covered with pictures of other people's babies.

But, the dark times were Friday, and by the time the actual weekend came I was able to let go.  We went for a 8 mile bike ride on Saturday, the shakedown ride for Jakobe's new bike.  It was great, and I'm glad that we didn't put it off, because the weather was no good for it on Sunday.  I actually got to read a novel this weekend as well.  I goofed off, watched TV, read, played video games, and generally just let myself relax.  I can't say that I have a whole new outlook on the world, but I feel a lot better.

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  1. Thank god for mental health days! I've taken more than my fair share this last year! What a great guy too, to help you take care of yourself. :) I am also a big fan of local spa's. It is expensive, but OH SO WORTH IT! I went for my birthday this year, as a present to myself, and it was incredible for my mental health to be pampered all day.


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